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Employment law is constantly changing with new legislation and case law being introduced and updated on a regular basis.   Navigating the employment minefield and understanding the need to comply with statutory requirements is an ongoing battle for all businesses.  It is a battle which must be won as failure can lead to disputes and ultimately defending cases at Tribunals.   This failure can be an expensive error of judgement for a business, not just in terms of the negative publicity associated with Tribunals but also the legal costs.   


Our HR Advice telephone service provides you with a HR Business Partner who can help you to make decisions based on their understanding of NI employment legislation.  This service provides you with access to up-to-date employment information.   It is delivered via access to our telephone advisory service where your HR Business Partner is available to provide you with reliable advice and support with all of your HR and employment queries.  HR Department NI believe in the value of flexibility for our clients and have developed a unique menu of choice for you to choose from dependent on your unique business needs.  Our offering enables clients to select from a monthly, annual or completely flexibile arrangement.  Please click on the relevant link below for more information. 

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Additional Benefits

All subscribers to our HR Advice |Monthly and  |Annually services also benefit from the following:

  free HR Health Check
  discounts on training programmes
  discounts on our other service offerings
  receive timely notice of impending changes in legislation and updates throughout the year as NI employment law changes